Exposing the St. Gallen Mafia: Exclusive Interview with the Author

Julia Meloni

November 12, 2021

In discussing my new book, The St. Gallen Mafia, certain questions frequently come up. Here are some of them. What made you want to write this book? I still remember the moment when I first became captivated with the St. Gallen mafia, the secret group of high-ranking churchmen who used to meet at or near…

On the Devil, Cultural Marxism, and St. John Vianney

Julia Meloni

October 1, 2021

Growing up, I often saw my father reading a thick biography of Saint John Vianney.  Some years later, I would pick up my own copy of The Curé D’Ars and read about the devil and John Vianney. “For the space of some thirty-five years—from 1824 to 1858—the Curé d’Ars was subjected, even outwardly, to the…